Please don't hate me, but I've added a proposal for an attribution querystring for audio over here:

It's probably the wrong place. But I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions for where to put this.

Particularly, one for @martin

@jamescridland @martin James, help me understand what problem this is exactly: "A podcast host is unable to differentiate between any of these plays, and a podcast host is left without any idea where their marketing has worked and which podcast service is driving the traffic to them."

Marketing to specific apps? I didn't know this was an activity.

Isn't the information you seek needed for advertising? Can we provide a better solution for a broader problem instead of 'marketing to apps"?

@adam @jamescridland

Basically half a year from now, when more than half of all No Agenda listeners are using Podfriend - then the question is... Will you know or will you not know (or think they are using Chrome).

That could effect how you spend your advertising $ or when listeners say "Listen to us in Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts" (where people at that point of course will say Podfriend) ;)

@martin @adam @jamescridland
@Castopod has been using opawg/podcast-rss-useragents for 24h and I really like what I'm seeing!
On this screenshot from my daughter's podcast you can see the results:
- 1st pie chart is user-agent.
- 2nd pie chart is rss-useragent.
(The RSS feed adds "?s=[user-agent]" to all mp3 urls.)
I will enhance that in the next days…

@benjaminbellamy @martin @adam @Castopod Awesome! Please do also let me know your thoughts about the querystring - would make sense for us all to be using the same.

@jamescridland @martin @adam @Castopod
I used querystring because you did but anything will work for me.
I added "?s=" because it was easier and cleaner for me to fetch $_GET['s']. ('s' as in "service")

@benjaminbellamy @martin @adam @Castopod I'd be keen that it is most unlikely to collide with anything anyone else is using. That's the reason for the initial underscore. I'm cool with ?_s= if you think that's nice. Short is good.


@jamescridland @benjaminbellamy @martin @adam I am OK with anything. Pick the one you like the most and I will follow.

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@Castopod @jamescridland @benjaminbellamy @adam same! However I still think going for something totally unambigious like "appName" makes most sense. "s" is more likely to conflict with something already in use.

@martin @Castopod @benjaminbellamy @adam My feeling is that "?s=" could clash, but "?_s=" is less likely to, and "?_service=" is similarly less likely to.

Happy with either _s or _service - what should we choose?

@jamescridland @Castopod @benjaminbellamy @adam ah, I guess I blanked out about the underscore. Of those 2 I actually prefer the short s

@jamescridland @martin @benjaminbellamy @adam
_s= could create conflict indeed.
I think that ?_appName= is too specific (it's not necessarily an "app")
I would stick to ?_from= (short, explicit, no conflict, good looking, pretty underscore) but I won't fight for it.

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod @jamescridland @adam It sounds like ?_from=X has the most support. Let's take an executive decision and go with that!

@Castopod @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @adam
Also, I just would like to say... This might not have anything to do with the namespace. But in my opinion it DOES have something to do with "Podcasting 2.0" (the concept, not the podcast), and I think this kind of value is incredible.

I think @adam & @dave have done something majestic by managing to gather so many people from the "Podcast world" in the same place. Bringing people together is really making innovation happen.

@martin @Castopod @benjaminbellamy @adam @dave Entirely agree. We need to write this up somewhere though. We also need to agree what the ?_from= value actually is. Is it a domain name? ? ?

I would use the service name so that it can match the name from rss-useragent.

@martin @Castopod @adam @dave

@benjaminbellamy @martin @Castopod @adam @dave I'm going to suggest, as we do in PI, that we agree on a domain-name (even if a pseudo domain name); and amend the rss-useragent code accordingly.

@jamescridland @benjaminbellamy @Castopod @adam @dave I agree, domain name is much better. That way we avoid duplications as well as giving people an obvious place where to look for information about said service/app/page.

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