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You want a free hosting platform? Install Castopod in 5mn!
(We just updated this article for Castopod latest version.)

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Castopod provides great analytics data about your audience but it respects your listeners privacy. Their IP address is never stored on the server and all data are aggregated before being stored on the server.
With Castopod there is no one between you and your audience.

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Create a podcast in 3mn with Castopod:
Once Castopod is installed, creating a new podcast is very Easy. And because Castopod is multi-tenant, you may create as many podcasts as you want to!

Castopod just got updated so that it is fully compatible with new opawg / podcast-rss-useragents slug values (provided by Open Podcast Analytics Working Group and @jamescridland ).
opawg / user-agents-php was updated as well.
Code will probably be merged on monday in alpha25.

Just remember to select โ€œTYPO3 (PHP 7.4)โ€
( Produkte / Webhosting / Webspace-Bezeichnung / Details anzeigen / PHP-Version wechseln / Allgemeine Daten / Bearbeiten /
Erweiterte Einstellungen anzeigen )

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We successfully installed Castopod on a 2.90โ‚ฌ/mo โ€œWebspace Paket Smallโ€ at Velogrid.

Who said podcasting has not evolved for 20 years?
Looking for a modern software with modern features for modern podcasts?
Check out , the future of one click away!

Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.20 is out!

It adds support for:
- podcast:id tag
- podcast:funding tag
- podcast:social tag
- podcast:previousUrl tag

Listen to the most โ€œagileโ€ #podcast you can find: โ€œPodcasting 2.0, Episode 11: Streaming Satsโ€ with @adam & @dave ! ๐ŸŽ™โš™๏ธ๐Ÿฅ‡

Forgive us, @podcastindex , for we have sinned: until this very day @Castopod did not reference PodcastIndex.
This has been corrected with v1.0.0-alpha.18.

Installing Castopod on Cloud Panel makes websites administration very easy.
Here is a quick tutorial to help you install everything you need to start !

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