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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything…
🎉 Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is out!🚀

It brings social networking to podcasts, and podcasting into social networks!
The podcasting universe has finally merged with the . 😌

Wir suchen deutsche Übersetzer für @Castopod 🇩🇪 🤖 📼

I wrote a small tutorial to use PureData as a soundboard for your MIDI controller. 🎚️ 🎶
Hope you enjoy it!

Currently listening to “Podcast 2.0”, the one and only podcast that fixes 🔧 podcasting 🎙️ while you're listening to it! 🙏
(Which is much appreciable when at the same time some others 👀 spent the last weeks breaking 😱 podcasting… 😉)

Un nouveau podcast 🎙 à suivre ici : @AinsiVaLaVie 🇫🇷 🇲🇦
Ainsi va la vie, ce sont des rencontres avec la vie à travers celles et ceux qui y sont pleinement, qui la vivent pleinement.
Un rendez vous irrégulièrement régulier.
Avec des personnes ordinaires et d’autres moins ordinaires,
Mais toutes singulières.
Des personnes d'ici et d'ailleurs. Entre la France et le Maroc.

We are also grateful for the many poignant questions asked & points raised by #fediverse enthusiasts and advocates like @tfardet, @sl007, @petros, @naturzukunft, @pukkamustard, @Castopod, @m3me and many more. And last (but definitely not least) our thanks to everyone on Socialhub for putting together a timely and lively series of events on how to switch to (and properly understand) decentralized social networking technology.

Missed it? The recording will be up soon ->

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STARTING NOW, together with the -community @NGIZero is hosting a 2nd webinar on decentralized social networking for European & national administrations. ActivityPub-coauthor @cwebber will share development & future of decentralization (among which @spritelyproject ), after which we leave the floor to discuss how the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor & Joint Research Centre can join the fediverse.

This is one (extra) reason why every podcast hosting solution should use "?_from=" query string.
(Thank you @jamescridland for the investigation.)
Of course Castopod uses it and relies on opawg/podcast-rss-useragents for that. 😉

Before you jump into the weekend, don't forget: this Monday April 26 10 am CEST we are excited to have a 2nd webinar on #ActivityPub for administrations!

Together w @cwebber & #fediverse enthusiasts ( creators of Matrix-bridge #Kazarma, podcast solution @Castopod & others) we explore how ActivityPub works and its exciting evolution ( & hopefully convince public institutions to join the fediverse :metamorph: )

Want to know more? Check out the agenda here -> and join us!

It's starting NOW: @NGIZero breaks down walls: decentralize social networking with ActivityPub

@agates @WClayFerguson @benjaminbellamy The follower is an Actor, and its type is determined by the "type" property. It can be a Person, an Application, a Group, an Organization or a Service.

(Mastodon doesn't recognize any other type for now)

So, just throwing ideas here: for podcasting, we could use a new "type" (say PodcastListener for example) or add a new boolean property to the Actor of type "Person" to determine that (probably best).

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