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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything…
πŸŽ‰ Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is out!πŸš€

It brings social networking to podcasts, and podcasting into social networks!
The podcasting universe has finally merged with the . 😌

Ten days ago in Podland, @jamescridland wished that we could get cross-application comments for podcasting up and running: Wish granted by @martin & @Castopod, thanks to all the PodcastIndex fellowship! 🧞 πŸ™ πŸš€ πŸ’¬ ✊

β€œFirst cross-app comment loaded in Podfriend , Wohoooo!”
Thank you @martin for making cross-application comments for podcasting a real thing! πŸ™ πŸ₯³
Now the audience can interact with a podcaster with no middleman. βœŠπŸ’¬

First cross-app comment loaded in Podfriend, Wohoooo!

Thanks a lot to @yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy for their pioneering work on the host side!

Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.67 is out! πŸš€
Minor correction: allow cross origin requests on episode comments πŸ”€

Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.66 is out! πŸš€
βž• Adding the Podcast Namespace β€œcomments” tag to link to episode comments. πŸ’¬

@agates @dave /cc @benjaminbellamy @martin

Also, just to clear things up & sum up:

We ought to have a Youtube like - decentralized - commenting system under each episode, this means:

1. Having the same comments show up on all (listening) apps
2. Apps and hosting platforms would have to talk to each other. Which one keeps track of comments? Host? App? Both?
--> app users should be able to comment directly on an episode from their favourite app
3. Comments would have to be moderated


Is the podcast namespace brought by PodcastIndex (and already supported by many apps and services) that important? Listen NOW to @evoterra podcast now to understand why it is! ✊

Today on Podnews by @jamescridland, Podcasting 2.0 brings cross-platform comments and tips with comments to open podcasting! βœŠπŸ’¬πŸ’Έ

Let's keep open podcasting open! ✊
β€œIt's like that's what's going on in the podcast world. Everybody's so accustomed silos and walled gardens. And that's how you make money is by capturing part of the industry not by serving it, that they can't decide, they don't know how to think about it.” @dave in Podcasting 2.0

Podcast cross-platform comments are now a real thing! ✊ πŸ’¬ 🌎
@Castopod is already implementing them!
β€œBut it seems like there was a lot of consensus for a reference implementation of #ActivityPub with the special Mastodon bit, so it would be compatible, a lot of this is based on a presentation that was given to us by @yassinedoghri” @adam with @aric and @dave on Podcasting 2.0

This week in Podland.News: Ross Adams, Acast CEO, explains 5 reasons why we need RSS!

β€œI think there is a win for podcast apps if we can do Youtube style comments that work cross app.” @adam on Podcasting 2.0.
@Castopod already allows listeners to comment, like and share podcast episodes, cross app, thanks to ActivityPub!

If you thought @Castopod was a Β« Cheval de Troie Β» to bring ActivityPub to Podcasting, you were fooled: its final purpose is to make le French the official language for Podcasting!
(Le evil laugh 😈 )

β€œIf all the other podcast apps are better then why not just tell people to try out a different podcast app? It's very simple.” @dave on Podcasting 2.0

I will give a Webinar presentation at Podcast Movement 2021: β€œPodcastindex: How to unleash your value thanks to the Podcast Namespace” πŸŽ™β›“βœŠπŸ’Έ #PM21

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