Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.20 is out!

It adds support for:
- podcast:id tag
- podcast:funding tag
- podcast:social tag
- podcast:previousUrl tag

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Hi - I´m interessted in your project and tried an installation on a shared host server... but it did not work :-(

I get 403 error.
if i disable .htaccess I get onv /cp-install a 404 error
what could I try?


I don´t used a service - just my Webspace where I host also my Webpages at

@Nachbarschaft Castopod requires that the root directory for the hosting is set to its public/ folder. (Not all shared hosting allow that. For instance OVH does but Scaleways does not.)
So if you have other files on the same hosting it will probably not work.

@Nachbarschaft This is weird because Castopod .htaccess file contains no access restriction so the 403 does not come from it. Actually, Castopod should never send a 403.

@Nachbarschaft 403 may occur if you set root folder to app/ instead of public/ …


what kind fo rights need the files?what chmod setting?

@Nachbarschaft Apache user needs read access on all files and read/write on public/media and writable/
If you want the setup procedure to create the .env configuration file for you then it also needs write access in the root folder (you can either create the .env file yourself or grant write access to apache user then revoke it once the installation is done).

@Nachbarschaft You should not disable .htaccess.
If you disable it, nothing will work as all routes heavily rely on it.
If you want detailed error messages, just add:
to a .env file in Castopod root folder.
If you want me to assist you further, maybe we should switch to DM.

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