Castopod supports ! 💸
Thanks to the Web Monetization standard, you can receive money directly from your audience.

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@Castopod I put the tag onto Podnews, and so far have earnt $0.18 which is quite good. Kangaroo dollars, but still.

@jamescridland @Castopod @benjaminbellamy

I have now added the monetization tag on Podfriend as well, just to try it out. I don't really expect any funds to come through, which is good, because I really would like to see the "split" issue being resolved first.

I guess another interesting discussion is... If someone listens to Podnews on Podfriend. Then what's the natural split?

@martin @jamescridland @Castopod No because the only Payment point that is visible is yours ($

@martin @jamescridland @Castopod If you want to share, you’d have to get the podcaster payment point from the rss, then use something like that:

@martin @jamescridland @Castopod For instance on this page:
you’d have something like this:
const pointers = {
'$': 50,
$': 50,

@martin @jamescridland @Castopod Since no RSS tag is defined yet, I added the simplest one I could imagine:

It’s here:

I’ll update it when the specification is confirmed.

@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod can’t we incorporate this into the existing tag? Seems like this is just another way to do the same?

@martin @jamescridland @Castopod If you’re talking about the <podcast:value> tag, it won’t work because <podcast:value> has mandatory element that we don’t have for simple Web Monetization.

@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod Yeah, but I think in that case we should refine the value tag instead of inventing something new.

@martin @Castopod We can go with @jamescridland ’s proposal:
<podcast:value type="webmonetization">[one "Interledger Payment Pointer" element]</podcast:value>

@benjaminbellamy @martin @Castopod @jamescridland That’s the way to go for sure. Drives adoption of everything at the same time.

@benjaminbellamy @martin @Castopod Randomization is a really, really bad crappy idea. Astonishing that someone would have come up with that, much less put it in a damn spec. *shakes head* Sigh.

@jamescridland @martin @Castopod I agree. It’s a very simple workaround but not good enough… That just doesn’t work when you have few visitors…
Because it isn’t "time-shared" but "session-shared": “The visitor pays to the chosen pointer until the page is reloaded or closed.”
I don’t think there is another to share revenue with Web Monetization.

@martin @Castopod @benjaminbellamy "If someone listens to Podnews on Podfriend. Then what's the natural split?" - I'd like to suggest that this is moved to Github for a proper discussion here.

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