Hello fellow podcasters!
We need your feedback.
Can you tell us what you like the most about Castopod?

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@Castopod That it's a native Fediverse platform and that one can have more than one podcast on a single instance.

What I was still missing when I had a look into Castopod were chapter marks and a possibility to interoperate with WP-Podlove and my usual workflow.

@Castopod (Not that I wouldn't change my workflow, but having some kind of bridge or easy to use thing how to get a podcast from Podlove to Castopod, would probably make it easier for more people.)


I like
- Its simplicity
- The responsiveness of the dev team
- Participation in the Podcasting 2.0 standards (minus directly supporting the Value tag)

@Castopod That it is so slim, I feel like I only see the buttons I need.

@Castopod Classic syndication feed for RSS lovers and Fediverse for interaction. It only lacks an API :)


What I like the most is that it makes your life easier. I just found out that Castopod extracts the tags from the audio and indexes it in search engines. It does a good job of SEO. 😍

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