The hosting solution Castopod v1.0 beta is out! 🚀 🎉
This new version brings tons of new features and a redesigned UI! 🔽


Hello, i have a question since i discovered your software project: does exist a "directory of current podcasts using castopod" ?

I feel the need to see how other people before me has been able to do with castopod.

Even it would be very interesting to have such a directory to give its URL to potential users (customers, friends, etc...).

If it doesn't exist, what do you think about to create it?

Maybe add a new section on ? with a form to let visitors submit his URL.


@sergi That is something that we are definitely working on!
We will also ad show case page on
We also asked @dave if at some point the PodcastIndex API could implement a searchByGenerator end point.

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