Castopod v1.0.0-beta.21 is up! 📦🚀

Now fully translated in
✅ Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans)
✅ Catalan (ca)

Thanks to (zh-Hans) and caos30 (ca) for having translated Castopod in only a few days ⚡🤯

Grab the new version on

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If you'd like to help us translate Castopod in your language, you may go to

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I just translated a bunch of sentences in French... and I discovered how easy crowdin is to use.

Should the docker install doc be translated too ? (or is it technical content so not a priority?)

@samuelroland @Castopod It's weird, I thought it was already translated in french by @rdelaage but apparently Crowdin overwrote it...

I'll put it back, don't worry about it.

Thanks for your translations!

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