Castopod v1.0 just landed! 🚀🥳

We've reached a new and exciting milestone!
As of today, you can enjoy your fully-featured free & open-source podcasting 2.0 host. 🤗

Check out the announcement article 👉

@Castopod Wooohooo! Time to set it up then :) Lets see how long I need with #yunohost :D

@Castopod is there a list somewhere showing podcasts that are already using this ?

@aRubes There will be a page for that on our website soon!

@Castopod If I hosted this, but where do I store my MP3 files? I do not quite understand yet. Something more about videos would be good. I hope I can figure it out. English I can translate myself, but still no clean English as audio I can not translate. Therefore times my question, if I have the framework all stand. Where do the audio files come then? Thanks for an answer.

@carrabelloy Castopod will take care of everything: Once you have installed it, it will allow you to upload the file to the server where it's installed.
Note that a future version (quite soon…) will allow you to use S3 buckets.

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