If your podcast is hosted on @Castopod your audience can listen to your episodes from @Mastodon but also like, share and comment them!

And thank to Podcastindex's cross-app comment tag, this could work from any Podcasting 2.0 app!

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@Castopod @Mastodon cool! Shame not more people I know, use castopod as a podcast solution… yet. I have the server, tho. Not a podcast idea yet…

@setuplet @Castopod @Mastodon maybe try and host it for them ? I have found the best way to transition people is to do it for them, handle all the scary things, and give them the key to their new home.

@Castopod @Mastodon we are now setting up a testing instance of castopod on our servers \o/

@Castopod @Mastodon Je dois dire que vous me faites de l'oeil depuis quelques temps, ça a l'air vraiment chouette.

Vous recommandez une application sur iOS qui est compatible avec toutes ces features (comme les commentaires) ?

J'aimerais tester tout ça en tant qu'auditeur avant de réfléchir à basculer en tant que podcasteur.

@Castopod @Mastodon any good starting point on hosting a podcast @ castopod? I'm hosting on Gitlab + Internet Archive by now

@Castopod @Mastodon it would be great if we could install it through CPanel, it would spread the word much quicker.

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