We've just reached 400⭐ on Github and Castopod v1.2 is out 🚀

You can now host your podcast files on any S3 compatible storage!

+ download counts of episodes for better insight
+ health check route for monitoring

And bug fixes!

Grab your Castopod on castopod.org/


Oh, and you can star Castopod on github if you haven't already 🤗


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@Castopod: So the empty organization/user github.com/castopod isn't yours despite linking to your homepage, etc.?

@xtaran It is ours but we do not use it. (Except to prevent squatting…)

@Castopod: Suggestion: Add a minimal repo with a README.md pointing to the real repo for people like those who were just guessing the Github link after you were mentioning a Github repo on the Fediverse without (initially) providing a link to it and not linking to it on your Homepage either… 🙂

@xtaran Thank you for the suggestion, that’s a good idea.

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