“Containerize your PHP applications using Nginx Unit” 🐘🐳🤖 by @rdelaage
“A new solution, Nginx Unit, came out in 2017, and it can be compiled with support for some languages such as PHP or Python.”

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@Castopod @rdelaage so how does podcast 2.0 boosts work in castopod? Do I need to self host a node or can I connect a wallet?

@10leej @Castopod @rdelaage Podcasting 2.0 is basically just having an RSS feed for your podcast. That can be added to any index such as Podcast Index. When you host a Castopod instance, it hosts your podcast, as well as its RSS feed.

Castopod also supports ActivityPub for your podcast, so you can follow it on Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey just like how you can follow Owncast or PeerTube accounts, and enable notifications.

@james @rdelaage @Castopod I'm aware how it works, I just want to know how to set it up.

@10leej @james @rdelaage
If you choose Alby, they provide the XML snippet so that you just have to paste it in Castopod.
If you self-host your node (eg. with Umbrel), it’s basically the same but you have to write that XML yourself by following the spec:

@Castopod @james @rdelaage Ah cool, I already use Alby. Now all I need to do is spin up a test lab and see how much I actually like the software.

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