🚀 There's a new french fiction podcast with chapters and images:
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@lebout2canap Oh, bien vu : chapters are not Podcasting 2.0, there are in the mp3 metadata.

@Castopod It turns out that I just discovered that there are more than two ways to do chapters thanks this bug report:

Anyway, I'm looking for a podcast on that uses chaptering (a la Podcasting 2.0), but clicking haphazardly is not very effective, do you have any references to share ?

@lebout2canap I'll have a look, Castopod's index is supposed to show if a podcast is using the chapter tag. (But there seems to be a bug because I can't find any although I'm 100% sure that some are using it)

@lebout2canap You can check @heloise, the very last episode has podcasting 2.0 chapters.

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