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@Castopod It is nice to have a map of podcasts! It looks like there are podcasts missing that are on self-hosted instances. Is there a way to show those, too? I was looking for that I have set up. It promotes the network and federated nature of #castopod if I could find those. Smaller self-hosted setups can benefit with the network to be found. What are your thoughts this?

Castopod has no telemetry, no spyware, no hidden program, so you may install and run Castopod without us knowing that your instance even exists!
But if you want the world (including us) to be able to discover your podcasts, we'd recommend that you add it here:
They'll be on the Castopod Index map next Sunday when @dave updates PodcastIndex database dump.

@Castopod @dave

That is good to know... I wonder though: The URL seems to expect a feed XML. If I wanted to add the podcast to the index, I need to add all podcasts manually. I think, this would be good somewhere else, too: E.g. when I add a podcast or I edit it, I would like to be able to just checkmark to publish it in different places.

@Castopod @dave

Thanks for your fast reply! I added an issue to streamline the learning process for new podcasters:


I value that you have no telemetry and no spyware.
Any contribution to strengthening the federation can be informed and opt-in. How can it be easy to say: I would like to be on the map and other services that help promote the podcast?

One strength of big platforms is the power to find the content. And how can Castopod contribute to that? E.g. Peertube has Sepia Search. If the Website is online, Google will find it and why would you not want to find it?

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