πŸ”₯ πŸš€πŸ§© Exciting times!

Castopod v2.0.0-next.1 is out, featuring a new Plugins Architecture!

This release kicks off an experimental phase for building plugins to extend Castopod and refining the architecture until a stable v2.
πŸ‘‰ Expect some breaking changes with the "next" tag!

Note that v1 remains supported with security and bug fixes as we focus on releasing v2.

Learn more about plugins:
Checkout release notes:

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@Castopod Where would you discuss this? Here?

My thoughts were: 1. How to install #plugins with #docker? I like the way #Discourse does it: a list of git clones.
2. I was wondering about changes and deprecation and thought that listing the API and hooks used in the manifest might make it easier to change, evolve and deprecate the plugins in case of future changes.

@niccokunzmann @Castopod

> How to install #plugins with docker?

Plugins are stored in the "plugins" folder, in the root of Castopod.

You may map that folder with one you have in the docker host via volumes.

The idea of a list of git clones is great, though for now Castopod only supports manual installation.
Something more handy will come in the future :)

@Castopod is rolling out a #plugin interface, already documented. This opens up a lot of freedom for users and developers to customize the #podcast platform. Now, you cannot only self-host but small improvements for your use-case do not need to go through the main development process any more. Faster and #decentral development ahead!
Some of the open feature requests are surely a case for plugins!

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