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This week in “Podcasting 2.0” @adam and @dave talk about RSS and the future of podcasting: “Apple is getting out of the RSS podcasting game. […] Spotify is moving out of the game.” #interoperability

@dave @agates @SirSpencer
If you want to self host at home, Eric Gaspar already implemented @Castopod on @yunohost : I tested it and it works perfectly. Castopod running on a Raspberry Pi! 👌

Castopod Host alpha 58 is out! 🚀

⚡ Upgrade code base to PHP 8
🛠️ Better code quality
(setup and enforcement of quality tools for php and js)
🐛 Bug fixes
🏎️ performance improvements

Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! ☀️
Les podcasts deviennent de plus en plus répandus et accessibles et ils constituent d'excellents moyens pour s'exprimer sur divers sujets de société, c'est pourquoi on a le plaisir de vous proposer un nouveau service de Picasoft : 😊

C'est vraiment très très bien @Castopod : je peux m'abonner à des podcasts, et à chaque nouvel épisode qui sort, je suis notifiée dans mon fil Mastodon :flan_hacker: :flan_hurrah:

I'm gonna really miss these weekly reminders when @adam eventually has his own @Castopod…! 😂

Wir suchen deutsche Übersetzer für @Castopod 🇩🇪 🤖 📼

I wrote a small tutorial to use PureData as a soundboard for your MIDI controller. 🎚️ 🎶
Hope you enjoy it!

Currently listening to “Podcast 2.0”, the one and only podcast that fixes 🔧 podcasting 🎙️ while you're listening to it! 🙏
(Which is much appreciable when at the same time some others 👀 spent the last weeks breaking 😱 podcasting… 😉)

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