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Castopod v1.11 is here! 🚀

Your transcripts are now displayed in your episode page!

🎙️ + support for podcast:trailer tag

+ Some bug fixes and new platforms added!

Many thanks to @dwev for working on these changes 🙏

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@wjmaggos @tchambers
That's correct. The Podcast Index runs a bridge that makes each feed and every episode available via ActivityPub using the bridge.

There is a Fediverse first podcast host called @Castopod . They still produce an RSS feed but each feed is an account episode is a post.

cc: @BeAware

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If you make a podcast, please for the love of everything holy and my sanity: make your RSS feed easy to grab.

A lot of professional podcasts use templates anyway. Just slap it into the description at the very least.

Better yet, I'd recommend setting up your platform on something open like @Castopod.

#rss #podcast

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Des enquêtes plein les oreilles : « @splann ! » se lance dans le podcast

Hébergés sur avec @Castopod

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Nice shoutout from the techgrumps for @Castopod
By the way, moving a feed to Castopod is as easy as “importing” your feed. As long as you have a valid XML, it just works. You can choose between a hosted (for a low monthly fee) or a self-hosted service.
(I don’t work for them, but I do contribute to their open source code)

@cubicgarden @rnalexander @andypiper @briansuda

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Since there seems to be renewed interest in podcasting cross-app-comments over #ActivityPub, I've done a brain dump over here with a current perspective on the high-level of how it all works and to clear up a bit of terminology being thrown around.

imo the comments scenario is ready to build against (that's what I focus on here) with the ability for custom podcast-specific objects/fields down the road, using the same federated channel.

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🙏 We would like to warmly thank Michaël from Belginux 🇧🇪 🐧 for the opportunity to discuss Castopod and share our vision of the Podcast world. 🗣️🌍️👂️
We invite you to read the full interview in English on our blog (or in French on the Belginux site).

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Updated to the latest version of @Castopod Nice bug fixing and great new features as always. Need to make more #YouTubeShorts for our channel. Check us out (is there an open network for shorts content?)

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🙏 Je tiens à remercier chaleureusement Michaël de Belginux 🇧🇪 🐧 pour l'opportunité de discuter de @Castopod et de partager notre vision du monde du Podcast. 🗣️🌍️👂️

L'intégralité de l'interview est sur le site de Belginux. C'est une belle occasion de comprendre comment nous envisageons l'avenir du Podcast et la manière dont Castopod peut jouer un rôle central dans cet avenir.

📄 Installer Castopod avec Docker 💡
🙏 Un grand merci à Michaël pour son guide.
🚀 Sa contribution aborde les points essentiels comme la configuration du serveur mail, la création d'un compte super-utilisateur et même la résolution des soucis de mise à jour CSS.

Castopod v1.10.5 is out 🚀

🌍 with 2 new languages:

- Breton, thanks to @ewen !
- Serbian (Latin), thanks to Manovski ( !

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today I came across the Irish Left Archive Podcast by @ila and already am really enjoying it! You can follow the podcast directly from the #fediverse at @ILAPodcast and get episodes you can listen to directly in your feed here!

I found it while taking a look through new podcasts posted on the fedi with @Castopod's new

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