No it is not.
(It is if you change the source code… 😁 )
Why do you need this?

@kevinb66 There should not be any lag: RSS is published right away.
Cache expiration is set to decade… It is cleared whenever a data is updated.
Check the episode publication date and time: If it is set in the future, the episode will be published at expiration time.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @uglyhack & @uglyhack - Videos about building electronics projects

🌟 @zughy - Pixel artist and creator of MineTest mods

🌟 @geotechdigital & @geotechland - Video blog about FOSS, community projects, Linux etc

🌟 @Castopod - Free open source podcasting platform

🌟 @Jonathan & @JonathanMBR - Kenyan teacher trying to help educate disadvantaged children

🌟 @peertube - Free open federated video sharing network, part of the Fediverse

Just updated my @peertube server from 2.4.0 to 3.0.0 in less that 5mn without a glitch! Congrats to @Chocobozzz @Framasoft and all contributors! 👍🎉

Namespace: I just made two important changes to the location and person tags that are breaking changes. After some discussion with Angelo at Blubrry, we decided to remove the name="" attribute from these tags and move that string to the element's node value.


<podcast:person name="Dave Jones" />


<podcast:person>Dave Jones</podcast:person>

Same with location:

<podcast:location name="Mount St. Helens" />


<podcast:location>Mount St. Helens</podcast:location>

Castopod is a free open source podcasting platform you can host yourself. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The website is at castopod.org

#CastoPod #Podcasting #Podcasts #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre #SelfHosting #Audio

J'ai été interviewé par @anthonyg dans son podcast “Des Ondes Vocast” afin que je lui parle de @Castopod , la solution #opensource d'hébergement et de mesure d'audience de #podcasts que nous développons.
Un résumé est disponible ici : anthony-gourraud.medium.com/ca

“Castopod: an hosting service”
Open-source, @podcastindex and roadmap…
This article is the translation of an interview conducted by @anthonyg in the podcast “Des Ondes Vocast”.

Do not hesitate to ask us for help if you have any question.

@derek @dave @martin That was not a bug, that was a feature… 😁
But I corrected it. 😉

Hey Martin, what's that?

Well, that's a 1 am (Danish time) new version of Podfriend!

So what's new?

Well, it supports the new Person tag!

Oh, that's amazing, how many podcasts uses that?

Well.... One.

( web.podfriend.com/podcast/les- )

[ @benjaminbellamy ]

Earning #bitcoin as a #podcast host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your #RSS feed with @RaspiBlitz #LightningNetwork node and @sphinx_chat
@adam @dave @Castopod @419monk @brianoflondon @fribbledom #rC3 youtu.be/YdLPo94B-sg

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