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The @collectivecast and @anusapples websites are currently being upgraded to the latest and greatest versions of @Castopod !

There are some minor potential hiccups during this time, but nothing serious.

@ernestoacostame Mea culpa! Tagged the wrong Patryk...

Thanks to Patryk Karczmarczyk for his work on the API!

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Castopod 1.0.0-beta.16 is out! 📦🚀

+ New REST API to get podcasts, thanks to a community effort (Marcin Lewandowski, Patrick Mis and Sebastian Janik)
+ You can now search in your episodes list in the admin (suggested by @ernestoacostame)

Grab your package on

Welcome @leo, thank you for following us on @Mastodon, you are our 1000ᵗʰ follower!!! 🎉 🚀 🙏

Hey @pj

It is compatible with PHP 8 and actually requires PHP to be >= 8.0

You may find the requirements in the docs:

Castopod 1.0.0-beta.15 is out! 🥳🚀

It comes with bug fixes and a highly requested feature: the ability to delete podcasts and episodes permanently, directly from the UI 🔥

(to be used with caution 👀)

Grab your Castopod on

@fredurb1 @encarsia

@Frando is working on this as well.

KALDI/VOSK is usually a good starting point.

It gets tricky when you want:
- audio preprocessing
- post processing (speaker diarisation, de-duplicate, capitalization…)
- user interface for manual correction
- seamless integration with podcasting platforms
- easy to install (we probably need to provide a Docker image)

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Pour tout comprendre en 5mn à la monétisation contextuelle des #podcasts, à @Castopod et Ad Aures, écoutez l'interview que j'ai donnée la semaine dernière à Olivier Louvet au Paris Radio Show !

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How to Record a Podcast with Zrythm:
@zrythm is a new Open Source Digital Audio Workstation. I tested it to record a podcast episode with remote guests.

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#firstpost! Really looking forward to giving Castopod a try. There will be a live stream this afternoon for the recording of Episode 051. It's been a while folks!
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Here’s a highlight using @podverse from SLIEK #24: Chapter 3 - Breaking Records

Our monthly downloads and listening time keeps getting higher each month since switching to a 2.0 feed with @Castopod 🙌

We want to thank the SLIEK FREAKS and Freeloaders for all their support!

#NewPodcastApps #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #breakingrecords

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CastoPod is wonderful, it not only allows you to have a podcasting platform, but it is also an instance that uses ActivityPub, therefore, it communicates with Mastodon.

Venez découvrir la Boîte à <Podcast:2.0> sur le stand 56 de @castopod et Ad Aures au Paris Radio Show les 2 et 3 juin 2022 à partir de 09h00.
Nous vous avons préparé plein de surprises ! 🤫 🍬 🎁
Billets gratuits 👉 🎟️

Hébergez tous vos podcasts sur , la première solution open-source dédiée aux “Podcasts 2.0”.
👉 Pour plus d'informations, retrouvez-nous au Paris Radio Show à la Seine Musicale, stand 56, les 2 et 3 Juin 2022 et sur

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