Use Mumble to record a with guests
“Mumble allows you to record all speakers and guests separately, one audio file per person.”

The hosting solution Castopod v1.0 beta is out! 🚀 🎉
This new version brings tons of new features and a redesigned UI! 🔽

Have you ever struggled to find a platform icon? If you have, The Podcast Font is for you!

“Castopod: an hosting service”
Open-source, and roadmap…
This article is the translation of an interview conducted by @anthonyg in the podcast “Des Ondes Vocast”.

Castopod now works with CDNs!

Once @Castopod is installed, creating a new is very easy. And because Castopod is multi-tenant, you can create as many podcasts as you want to.

You want a free hosting platform? Install Castopod in 5mn!
(We just updated this article for Castopod latest version.)

We just released v1.0.0-alpha.2 that adds cumulative listening time charts, because not all downloads are equal…

Our team is working hard on making Castopod the best solution. 🎙️
Minimum Viable Product will be released this summer 2020! 😎
Stay tuned and subscribe to this account to be informed. 🗣


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