Castopod latest version now uses opawg /
podcast-rss-useragents from @jamescridland so that you are able to know from which platform users were sent, even if they are using a web browser or a car device.

Castopod supports Podcast Locking: Thanks to the “locked” tag brought to you by the podcast namespace (from @podcastindex ), you can protect your podcast from being copied.
Podcast locking is supported by @podnews , @kfinn Buzzsprout and @podcastindex )

Créer sa fiche chez @Framasoft c'est un peu comme passer à l'état civil pour la naissance d’un enfant : 🐣

Castopod provides great analytics data about your audience but it respects your listeners privacy. Their IP address is never stored on the server and all data are aggregated before being stored on the server.
With Castopod there is no one between you and your audience.

Create a podcast in 3mn with Castopod:
Once Castopod is installed, creating a new podcast is very Easy. And because Castopod is multi-tenant, you may create as many podcasts as you want to!

Installing Castopod is pretty straighforward. You do not need advanced skills in server administration. Depending on the traffic you expect, you may choose a dedicated server, a virtual machine or even a mutualized hosting (as long as it runs php/mysql and allows to specify root folder).


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