“Containerize your PHP applications using Nginx Unit” 🐘🐳🤖 by @rdelaage
“A new solution, Nginx Unit, came out in 2017, and it can be compiled with support for some languages such as PHP or Python.”
👉 blog.castopod.org/containerize

Benchmark: With two speakers (2 audio tracks), Mufidiwiwhi is faster than Whisper, to perform both transcription and diarisation!
👉️ blog.castopod.org/transcribe-y

Mufidiwiwhi is a program built on top of Whisper that will transcript audio files with reliable speaker diarization, by using one file per speaker. For free.
👉️ blog.castopod.org/transcribe-y

Use Mumble to record a with guests
“Mumble allows you to record all speakers and guests separately, one audio file per person.”
👉️ blog.castopod.org/use-mumble-t

Podcasting 2.0 :podcasting2: : it's all about Interoperability 🎙️ ✊ :oss:
This presentation of Podcasting 2.0 was given in Brussels, Belgium, at 2023. 🇧🇪
Full video with links: 👉 blog.castopod.org/podcasting-2

Listen to the @podjournal podcast 🎧️ 🇩🇪, using a Podcasting 2.0 app, and follow it on the Fediverse.
In this 1st episode, @Schaarsen talks about @Castopod, Podcasting 2.0, Podlove, the Fediverse, Pocket Casts and WordPress.
With a piece from @Podnews Weekly by @samsethi and @jamescridland with @yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy as guests.
RSS tip by @js
English subtitles by Whisper, manually corrected with Aegisub. 📺️ 🇺🇸
🗒️ Show notes: 👉️ podjournal.de/@podjournal/epis

Remember that you can add your Mastodon link on your Castopod website!
But also Discord, Facebook, @funkwhale, Instagram, LinkedIn, @joinmisskey, @mobilizon, @peertube, @pixelfed, , @PlumeDev@fediverse.blog, Slack, Twitch, Twitter, @writefreely, Youtube.
Your choice. ✊

Hey, Castopod v1.1.0 is here 🚀📈

We've integrated @op3dev, an open source analytics service!

+ some fixes regarding fediverse notifications!

📦 Grab the v1.1.0 package on castopod.org

If your podcast is hosted on @Castopod your audience can listen to your episodes from @Mastodon but also like, share and comment them!

If you were not at the you can still watch our presentation “Podcasters, unlock your true creative potential with Web Monetization” here:
👉 blog.castopod.org/podcasters-u 📼

Mastodon is not just a social network among others, it's a social network CONNECTED to others, with all their content, all their users available from all these places, with no middleman involved. This is the Fediverse. This is big.
👉 blog.castopod.org/the-fedivers

Castopod par Ad Aures Coup de Cœur du jury des Trophées Satis ! 🥳
Venez au Satis, “Les innovations au service de la création”, rencontrer l'équipe Castopod les 9 & 10 Novembre 2022.
👉️ Billets gratuits : satis-expo.com/accreditation/ 🎟️

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