This week in @Podnews Weekly, @james and @samsethi talk about transcripts in Apple Podcasts, Wondercraft, many other cool stuff, and… @benjaminbellamy talking on @Castopod's blog about James Cridland talking about Podnews Weekly! ♻️ 😉

🚀 There's a new link on : you may now download a comprehensive OPML :rss: file so that you can subscribe in any podcast apps!

🥳 Apple Podcasts has joined the Podcasting 2.0 movement!!!
🍎 Your transcripts uploaded with Castopod will be available on Apple.

🚀 was just updated!
🤯 Discover new podcasts and subscribe from the Fediverse.

🔒 Celebrate World Data Protection Day with the Privacy-Friendly World of Podcasting! 🎧

Today, let's appreciate how the podcast ecosystem remains a bastion of privacy. Enjoy the freedom of subscribing and listening to podcasts without ever sharing personal details. No accounts, no names, emails, age, or gender required. (Choose your app wisely…)
Embrace open and free platforms that respect your data privacy. Stand for an open, data-respectful internet! ✊

🌟 New Feature on 🚀
🖱️ With just a click, you can now follow your favorite podcasts right from the Fediverse.
🦣 Interacting with podcasts has never been easier - like, share, and comment on episodes to engage with the podcast community.
✊ Interoperability is real: By integrating a direct "Follow" button, we're trying to break down barriers and enhancing the seamless experience of podcast interaction within the Fediverse.

🚀 Exciting news from the Castopod Index! Our latest update brings a Top 50 Most Downloaded Podcasts: Curious about what's trending? Check out our brand new "Top 50" list, featuring last month's most downloaded podcasts according to OP3 analytics. See what the community is listening to and find your next favorite podcast.

🙌 A big shoutout to our incredible community. Your passion for podcasting drives us to continuously improve and bring you the best experience.


🎉🚀 You are three thousand!!! 🚀🎉
Every retweet, comment, and suggestion has shaped our journey. 🛠️🗣️
We're committed to keeping podcasting open, interoperable, and packed with features (and fun!).
Your enthusiasm fuels our creativity and reinforces our belief in an open-source future. 🌐💡
A big shoutout to each one of you - you're not just followers: you're our co-pilots in this amazing adventure. 🚀❤️
Retoot so that we hit 4000! 😊

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que @Castopod sera au Paris Radio Show ! 📻✨

🗓️ Les 6 et 7 février
📍 À La Bellevilloise, Paris 20ème

L'occasion idéale pour :
🎤 Discuter de tout ce qui concerne les podcasts : hébergement, mesures d'audience, monétisation…
🎁 Chiper des autocollants ;-)
🤗 Tout simplement venir nous dire Bonjour !

🎟️ Allez sur pour réserver votre entrée gratuite et prendre un rendez-vous avec nous.

Nous sommes impatients de vous rencontrer ! ✨

🚀 New blog post!

🎉 Castopod Index offers a straightforward and efficient way to discover and engage with a wide range of podcasts powered by Castopod :castopod: and listed on PodcastIndex. :podcasting2:

♥️ We hope you enjoy it.
👂️ We value your comments so feel free to share your thoughts here!


🤔 Are you looking for some @Castopod :castopod: instances to follow on the Fediverse? :activitypub:

✋ Search no more!

👉 We searched the PodcastIndex :podcasting2: database and listed some podcasts that we found on :rss:

📝 Just copy the handles and interact directly with your favorite podcasts right here!

🐞 Please note there could be some glitches as this is still a work in progress.

New UX improvements, Castopod v1.7 is here! 🚀📦

* Collapsible admin sidebar menu (see before/after 👇)
* Added shortcuts to create new resources
* Reorganized menu links and form sections
* Added episode descriptions to episode cards

+ many bug fixes!

Download the Castopod package for free on

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Castopod v1.5 is out 🚀📦

You can now share a podcast links page for your listeners!

👉 Just add "/links" to your podcast page url to see it

Castopod was awarded the “Coup de Cœur” prize at the Satis 2022 exhibition! 🏆️
@yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy answered a few questions about @Castopod and Ad Aures, the company they founded. 🎙️💬

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