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For dei som kan tenkje seg å laga sin eigen #podkast, vil eg gjera merksam på at podkastløysinga #Castopod no er ferdig omsett til norsk. Stilige funksjonar er ma. samankopling med fødiverset, og full kontroll over det du lagar. Sjekk eller @Castopod for å lære meir!

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@benjaminbellamy @dave @adam

Also use Castopod to self-host your own podcast if your host allows for it!

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@Castopod it worked! I posted this on the website at 1:32 PM, it showed up on the Fediverse at 1:35 PM because my Cron runs every 5 minutes!

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Your audience is your most valuable asset.
Never put a firewall between you and your audience.
Never trust a third party to handle all communications: you could be dismissed at any time.
Use decentralized platforms.
Get an app from
(Listen to “Podcasting 2.0” with @dave & @adam every Friday.)

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CC#15 - What is Podcasting 2.0?
This special episode is all about Podcasting 2.0!

I hope to add chapters in the near future highlighting as many 2.0 features as possible.

Beta.13 is up! 🚀

- Timezone bug fixed 🐛⌛ (thanks to CryptcChameleon @collectivecast for the investigation!)
- NEW LANGUAGE: 🇳🇴 Norwegian Nynorsk (thanks to the awesome aujawindar @eivind )

Grab your Castopod on

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Podcasting 2.0 is just a vision, and the standards to realize it.

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We officially have a 2.0 Feed listed on the Podcast Index utilizing new tags, boostagrams, and chapters!

We want to give a shout out to some of the developers and apps that have made this all possible! 🙌

@podcastindex @adam @dave @Castopod @benjaminbellamy @merryoscar @StevenB @podcastguru @podverse
#podcast #podcasts


🇧🇷 otetranome - Portuguese, Brazilian; Portuguese
🇩🇪 forght - German
🇩🇪 glottis0q - German
🇪🇸 ernestoacostame - Spanish
🇳🇱 Lucian I. Last (lil5) - Dutch
🇦🇪 ButterflyOfFire (BoFFire) - Arabic
🥞 eorn - Breton
🇬🇷 Angelos Chouvardas (achouvardas) - Greek
🇷🇺 Russian Retro (retrograde) - Russian
🇩🇪 cExplorer - German
🇪🇸 GabiSnow - Spanish
🇩🇪 CTHTC - German
🇪🇸 Romain de Laage (rdelaage) - Spanish
🇪🇸 LuuzViir (Spanish)
🇫🇷 Samuel Roland (samuelroland) - French
🇵🇹 thelama - Portuguese

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In the mean time, other languages are getting there!

I you'd like to help translate Castopod, go to

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Castopod 1.0.0-beta.12 is up! 📦🚀

And thanks to amazing translators, Castopod now supports new languages!
🇩🇪 German
🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese

Grab your Castopod on

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Com o @Castopod, eu conheci o movimento Podcasting 2.0. Que basicamente é a evolução do podcasting trazendo novas tecnologias e features que queríamos a tempos. É um movimento novo, começou tem uns 2 anos mas já tem vários recursos maneiros como transcrição, capítulos, geolocalização, tags para pessoas, notificações push, financiamento, GUID (que é um ID único para o podcast, assim se vc mudar de hospedagem e com isso mudar a URL do feed, não vai ter problemas) e muitos outros recursos. (+)

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