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I have just discovered Castopod and I am still amazed by the depth of the Fediverse and ActivityPub protocol.

It's a platform to host audio podcast. And like with Peertube, you can follow accounts on one instance of Castopod directly through Mastodon.

Mastodon: @Castopod

@adamas bienvenu Anthony ! J’espère que tu trouveras plein de chouettes choses sur le fedivers... il y a des choses aussi coté podcasts, tu peux jeter un œil à @Castopod

Wie wat bewaart trailer
In Amersfoort staat een depot tjokvol kunst en objecten – spullen die belangrijk zijn voor Nederland. Wie wat bewaart, heeft wat. Maar wat bewaar je? En waarom? In Wie Wat Bewaart trekt collectief Horens in samenwerking met de Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed het depot in en licht elke aflevering een ander werk uit.

v1.0-beta.14 is here 🚀📦

🇪🇸 Castopod now supports Spanish!

Thanks to our awesome contributors: @ernestoacostame, GabiSnow, @rdelaage, LuuzViir.

¡Crea tu podcast 2.0 con Castopod! 👉

@Castopod @rdelaage A pleasure to be able to help such an incredible project. I will continue to do so whenever I have free time. Gracias chicos!!

The Anus Apples website issues are resolved, thanks to the hard work of everyone over at

We finally recorded SLIEK #20: Podcasting 2.0, Value4Value, Bitcoin today! Working on the chapters now. 🙌

This is our first new episode since we created a 2.0 feed with @Castopod & listed it on the Podcast Index.

Instead of redirecting our old feed in the legacy apps to the new one, we are posting this as the last episode on the 1.0 feed in hopes that our listeners on the old apps will switch to a 2.0 app.

So long Apple, Spotify, & Google! ✌️
@JakeHider @brandosellers #podcast

My sister wants to start her own podcast. What's the best self-hosted software to use these days? She already has a WordPress site.

#podcasting #foss

Thanks to @leandrojgb, Castopod's documentation is now available in Brazilian 🇧🇷!

Thanks to @eivind, Castopod's documentation is now available in Norwegian Nynorsk 🇳🇴!

For dei som kan tenkje seg å laga sin eigen #podkast, vil eg gjera merksam på at podkastløysinga #Castopod no er ferdig omsett til norsk. Stilige funksjonar er ma. samankopling med fødiverset, og full kontroll over det du lagar. Sjekk eller @Castopod for å lære meir!

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