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#hagoPodcast y hoy vi un toot de @andypiper preguntando por el uso de herramientas basadas en activitypub como @Castopod en nuestros podcast.

Y le dejó con la inquietud. Ustedes usan alguna herramienta federada para producir sus podcast, cómo les ha ido?

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Anyone from the #podcast #podcasting community using any specific #Fediverse services or tools? I’m aware that eg Castopod exists (I’ve not tried it out yet… have you?) - basically I’m curious to learn how creators and podcasters 🎙️ navigate and share content 🎧 in the ActivityPub landscape? Open to chat and learn here! please boost for reach 🙏🏻

“How to Install Castopod on Your Synology NAS” by Marius Bogdan Lixandru 🇷🇴

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@obstschale Kann ich sehr empfehlen! Gibt noch Bugs und viel zu tun...läuft aber schon gut. Für eine Org hab ich seit ca. 1 Jahr mehrere #PodCast, z.B.: @digitaleTeilhabe

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Haben heute von @Castopod erfahren. Das ist ja cool. #Fediverse Applikation speziell für #Podcasts. Hat jmd damit Erfahrung?

Remember that you can add your Mastodon link on your Castopod website!
But also Discord, Facebook, @funkwhale, Instagram, LinkedIn, @joinmisskey, @mobilizon, @peertube, @pixelfed, ,, Slack, Twitch, Twitter, @writefreely, Youtube.
Your choice. ✊

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Heute stelle ich mal ein paar Dienste im #Fediverse am #FollwFriday / #FF vor, vielleicht kennt ihr einige schon aber es gibt noch einige mehr:

✒️ @OCRbot
📌 @mobilizon
📆 @gancio
📼 @peertube
🎙️ @funkwhale
📻 @Castopod
📺 @owncast
🎶 @feedbeat
📚 @bookwyrm
👀 @read_as
👨‍💼 @flockingbird
🔥 @bonfire

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🗣️ This week on @Podnews weekly, I give my highlights of 2022 and predictions for 2023.
- 2022: Federated Social Networks 👪️
- 2023: AI for podcasting 🤖

➕ Interview: @samsethi asked me about @Castopod support for OP3.

🎧️ Listen to the full episode 6

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Castopod v1.1.2 is out! 🚀

With a hotfix on analytics, thanks to @iam for the heads up!

Grab the package on

We've just released some fixes for Castopod. 🚀

👉 You can grab the v1.1.1 package on

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Hey, Castopod v1.1.0 is here 🚀📈

We've integrated @op3dev, an open source analytics service!

+ some fixes regarding fediverse notifications!

📦 Grab the v1.1.0 package on

Castopod v1.0.5 is out 🚀

This version fixes some federation issues!

Grab the new package on

Castopod v1.0.4 was just released with a hotfix! 🐞🚫 🚀

Make sure to update your Castopod with the new package on

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