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This week in @Podnews Weekly, @james and @samsethi talk about transcripts in Apple Podcasts, Wondercraft, many other cool stuff, and… @benjaminbellamy talking on @Castopod's blog about James Cridland talking about Podnews Weekly! ♻️ 😉

🚀 There's a new link on : you may now download a comprehensive OPML :rss: file so that you can subscribe in any podcast apps!

📈 Here is the Top 10 based on OP3 analytics for the last 10 days!
🔟 @librementLinux_podcast
9️⃣ @nouveautes
8️⃣ @jplus7
7️⃣ @projetslibres
6️⃣ @BitcoinAudibleDE
5️⃣ @52pickup
4️⃣ @SOTI_Podcast
3️⃣ @comopiensodigo
2️⃣ @tlenewspodcast
1️⃣ @show

🔊 Have a listen to Guy's podcast, Service Design Principles, a dive into service design with real-world examples and fun anecdotes!

Follow the podcast @servicedesignprinciples to get updates about new episodes! 🙌

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Castopod v1.9 is out! 🚀📦

Many thanks to Guy Martin, a podcaster and now contributor to Castopod with enhancements to the UX! 🙏

+ bug fixes and changes to the S3 config

Grab your Castopod for free now 👇

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Call for #CoSocialCastopod working group!

Castopod is an #opensource Fediverse enabled podcast hosting platform

We’re looking for members to volunteer to kickstart a working group to experiment with, learn, and document using #Castopod

Read the full #CoSocialCa members-only post on the forum if you want to get involved

Not a member? A $50 annual fee includes your co-op share and first year

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So it turns out people are pretty intrigued by #Castopod #opensource #podcast hosting - that’s fediverse enabled.

I’ve made a call for volunteers to join a #CoSocialCastopod working group over on the co-op account

If you’re a member - comment in the members forum / reply to that thread to get involved.

But that won’t work for you if you’re not a person in Canada, so see the next message in this thread.

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