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New release: Castopod widget allows you to embed any episode on any website, whether it is you Wordpress blog or someone else's page.

“Castopod: an hosting service”
Open-source, @podcastindex and roadmap…
This article is the translation of an interview conducted by @anthonyg in the podcast “Des Ondes Vocast”.

Castopod supports the Location tag!
Thanks to the @podcastindex location tag you may now specify if your podcast is about a specific place.

Castopod supports ! 💸
Thanks to the Web Monetization standard, you can receive money directly from your audience.

Just remember to select “TYPO3 (PHP 7.4)”
( Produkte / Webhosting / Webspace-Bezeichnung / Details anzeigen / PHP-Version wechseln / Allgemeine Daten / Bearbeiten /
Erweiterte Einstellungen anzeigen )

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We successfully installed Castopod on a 2.90€/mo “Webspace Paket Small” at Velogrid.

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