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Castopod v1.01 & v1.0.2 are out 🚀

Thanks to community feedback, these versions correct some minor issues of v1.

Grab the latest package on 👇

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*taps microphone*

Sehr geehrter Damen & Herren, es ist soweit. Wir haben eine Instanz eingerichtet, die sich an Podcasts richtet.

Die Idee ist: Accounts sind hier Podcasts (keine Personen!), damit Hörer*innen ihren Podcasts (nicht den Podcaster*innen!) folgen können.

Wenn ihr mit der Idee etwas anfangen könnt, ihr euch umschauen oder sogar um einen Account bewerben wollt - hier geht es lang:

(Momentan ist das eine Koproduktion von @monoxyd, @rstockm & @ralf)

Want to see the future of Podcasting? 🎙️
@benjaminbellamy & @yassinedoghri will be talking about , , Coil, Uphold, Castopod and PodcastIndex at !
👉️ 🎟️

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🚨 Rendez-vous au #SATIS2022, stand B56, pour parler podcasts, @Castopod et innovation, de la production à la diffusion des contenus aux côtés de LINCC, partenaire de cette édition 2022.
Mercredi 9 et jeudi 10 novembre 🗓️ | Paris📍

👉 Billets gratuits :

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This week in “Podcasting 2.0” by @adam & @dave :
🙂 How many clowns can you fit in one car? 🤡🤡🤡➔🚗
🙃 ¡podoʇsɐƆ uᴉ sǝɹnʇɐǝɟ ǝɹɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ sɐ ʎuɐɯ s∀

The Future of podcasting is on “Podcasting 2.0” by @dave and @adam
This week's episode: “Clippy For Developers!” 🤡

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This week in Podland, @yassinedoghri and I are talking about @Castopod V1, transcription with Whisper, @js 's OP³, micropayment, while Neal Veglio will be having and edit off with @samsethi & @jamescridland !

Castopod v1.0 just landed! 🚀🥳

We've reached a new and exciting milestone!
As of today, you can enjoy your fully-featured free & open-source podcasting 2.0 host. 🤗

Check out the announcement article 👉

Have you heard about Whisper, the new automatic speech recognition system?
Did you know that you can use to transcribe your podcast?
Have you seen how impressively accurate it is?
Well, guess what: you can use it for free on your laptop!

1.0.0-beta.24 was just released 🚀

This version allows you to reorganize your published podcast episodes as you see fit!

Grab the new package on

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Congratulations and acknowledgments to everyone who has been trusting us and contributing to @Castopod, translating it into 18 languages, testing it and reporting bugs, spreading the word (@samsethi, @jamescridland, @adam, @dave…) and of course to @yassinedoghri who has been brilliantly leading the project for 2 years, kudos to you! 🏆️

Many thanks to @samsethi & @jamescridland who spoke about Castopod in this week's Podland (available on )! 🎧️
Get a better experience by getting a New Podcast App on 🌟

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Wer die Wahl hat, hat die ...

Also eigentlich find ich #Castopod für's podcasten garnicht mal soo übel. Ist zwar noch arg Beta und hat auch hier und da ein paar Stolperfallen, aber denke das kann noch was werden.

Erste Reaktionen waren aber, nee mach ma lieber #funkwhale das ist doch schon da... Hm... Dann hab ich heute mal wieder n #Peertube installiert. Und was gibt's da neues? Soundfiles!

Hmm, such ich mir mal n Würfel...

Was meint ihr da so?

@Castopod @funkwhale @Framasoft

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Many thanks to @Castopod & Hacker News for bringing Podcasting 2.0 to my attention! Lots of exciting work going on, here.

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