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I wrote a short article that explains how to record a #podcast on Linux with remote guests, using Ubuntu, Ardour and Jack Audio Connection Kit. πŸŽ™
Feedback are welcome!

If you just want to say hello or if you have a problem, you may join us on Discord πŸ’¬ :

Castopod just got updated so that it is fully compatible with new opawg / podcast-rss-useragents slug values (provided by Open Podcast Analytics Working Group and @jamescridland ).
opawg / user-agents-php was updated as well.
Code will probably be merged on monday in alpha25.

Just remember to select β€œTYPO3 (PHP 7.4)”
( Produkte / Webhosting / Webspace-Bezeichnung / Details anzeigen / PHP-Version wechseln / Allgemeine Daten / Bearbeiten /
Erweiterte Einstellungen anzeigen )

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We successfully installed Castopod on a 2.90€/mo β€œWebspace Paket Small” at Velogrid.

Who said podcasting has not evolved for 20 years?
Looking for a modern software with modern features for modern podcasts?
Check out , the future of one click away!

Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.20 is out!

It adds support for:
- podcast:id tag
- podcast:funding tag
- podcast:social tag
- podcast:previousUrl tag

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